Treating Clients Fairly

E C Financial Services Limited are dedicated to providing the highest standard of service to our clients putting your financial needs at the forefront of everything we do to ensure your wealth is managed effectively. In doing so we take very seriously the requirements of the FCA to treat our clients fairly and constantly strive to do this at all times.

We understand that the interests of our clients are paramount and we ensure our procedures are designed to put our clients at the core of the business.

What our clients can expect when dealing with E C Financial Services Limited:

In all our dealings we will be open and transparent.
We will communicate with you clearly and will not use jargon.
We will arrange an initial consultation, at our expense, to establish a clear picture of the areas where financial advice is needed.
At the initial consultation we will perform an in-depth review and establish your goals and objectives, attitude to risk and capacity for loss.
We will inform you of our charges before undertaking any work for you.

When we give advice:

Using the information provided at the initial meeting we will research the relevant markets and review a wide range of products and providers on your behalf. We will design solutions matched to your individual goals, objectives, attitude to risk and capacity for loss.
We will meet with you and take you through the recommendations in detail. You will be provided with an explanation of why specific solutions have been chosen together with supporting documentation.
We will inform you in advance of our charges and how these should be paid.
We will inform you of any costs associated with the recommended product(s) and how these should be paid.
We will assist you in the completion of the associated paperwork for the product(s) you have agreed to take forward and we will ensure that all recommendations you have agreed to are delivered to your satisfaction.
In the event that there is any conflict of interest between us and you we will tell you about this as soon as possible after becoming aware of this.
We will keep comprehensive records of our dealings with you and will record your attitude to risk.
We will agree on any other areas of advice which warrant discussion or when a review of your circumstances would next be appropriate.

When we deal with you:

We will be polite and courteous at all times when you contact us.
We will be clear and straightforward in our communications with you and we will be happy to discuss or clarify any issues you have.
You can expect that all our staff are trained properly for their roles. All our advisers are qualified financial advisers and are fully trained in respect of the investments and products they recommend.
We take very seriously the requirement to treat our clients fairly at all times.