Life Assurance

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We advise clients and arrange the most suitable type of protection cover to meet their needs.

Level Term Assurance is a policy that will pay out a specific sum assured (level of cover) if the life, or lives, assured dies within a specific term. The sum assured does not usually vary during the term and the monthly premiums can be fixed at the outset of the policy.

Decreasing Term Assurance is a policy where the sum assured reduces during the term in line with amount owed, usually taken out for a loan or mortgage where the monthly repayment incorporates a repayment of capital as well as interest. Again the monthly premiums can be guaranteed from the outset.

Whole of Life is a policy providing cover for the rest of your life. Usually, the premium and cover is reviewed on a periodic basis. For example, it may be used for inheritance tax planning, to pay out the sum assured on death to meet the tax liability.

Business protection - owners/shareholders/partners should consider taking cover on bank borrowing, key persons, shareholders’ interests.

Income Replacement Cover (also known as Permanent Health Insurance): to provide a regular monthly sum in the event of not being able to work through illness or injury. This is particularly important for a self employed person or for a company wishing to cover a key person.

Critical Illness Cover: to provide a lump sum upon diagnosis of a specified illness. This can be a standalone policy or combined with term assurance.